Something In Your Voice

in development with Emergency Chorus

In early 2020, I began working on a live performance with Emergency Chorus and co. that takes the telephone as its starting point. The telephone as a conduit of intimacy across distance, as a catalyst for exploration into public and private spheres, power and information, individual and collective responsibilities. The performance of hello-can-you-hear-me through a cat's brain; the performance of accidental connections, missed calls, broken signals; the performance of help me my home is burning. What now?  

"Alex, Ben, Clara, Emma and Jemima dance, and their too-big grey suits flap around, suddenly awkward in unexpected positions. Their trouser hems tangle in the microphone wires, like children dressing up in their dads’ clothes. They’ve slicked their hair back. (I write Everyone’s hair! Oh no! in my notebook.)" 

Embedded critic Lily Levinson writes an in-depth response to the process

Audience response to work-in-progress showing

"effortlessly stylish & playful

"innovative and convention-breaking"

"a symphony of echoes of information"


Conceived and directed by Clara Potter-Sweet and Ben Kulvichit

Devised and performed by Clara Potter-Sweet, Ben Kulvichit, Emma Clark, Jemima Yong and Alex Roberts

Design Zo​ë Brennan

Sound design Nat Norland

Artistic support Hannah Parsons, Alexander Kelly

Embedded critic Lily Levinson

Producer Emily Davis

Previous shows

4 February 2020 / Ferment Fortnight, Bristol Old Vic (work-in-progress)


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