Available for physical and virtual touring

During the Covid-19 pandemic, ROOM Narrators in London and Singapore have been collaborating on Remote ROOM, a live imaginative experience that takes place online and through headphones. So far, we have performed with audiences in Denmark and the UK. 


"In a more enlightened society there would be ROOM booths as regular as pubs
and you could drop in any time you wanted to use your imagination."

ROOM is an interactive storytelling experience for one blindfolded audience member known as the Player. Each experience lasts between 20 - 25 minutes and is live and improvised with and in response to the Player's imagination. I have been performing and producing ROOM since 2012 and started a ROOM collective in Singapore in 2014 based out of Yale-NUS University.

ROOM has been described as ‘virtual reality without a headset’ (VICE Motherboard), an imagination massage, a collective lucid dream and ‘purposeful daydreaming’ (The London Word).

Partly as a response to text-based computer games that give the illusion of autonomy, the experience affords an imaginary space where there are absolutely no limits. Co-created by the audience and the narrators, ROOM is a live manifestation of collaboration and co-authorship.

The piece was seed commissioned by Bush Theatre and Theatre Delicatessen in 2012 and has been performed over 1000 times since in the UK and Singapore.

Previous Shows

We have played so many shows as a collective, a comprehensive list of past performances can be found here.


ROOM was conceived by Sophie Grodin and Alan Fielden; developed with myself, Annabelle Stapleton Crittenden, Malachy Orozco and Fab Gorjian. The collective that play ROOM now is made up of performance makers, writers, photographers, illustrators, actors and musicians. All our profiles can be found here.


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