Political Selfies #1 : Woolwich

Made in collaboration with PanicLab

In June 2016, Lennie and Joseph invited me to take part in a discussion on the changing landscape of London. We began our Political Selfies anthology with a project on Woolwich Arsenal.

In conversation with three people local to the neighbourhood and connected to the Greenwich and Lewisham Young Peoples' Theatre, this visual project explored their personal relationships to Woolwich as a microcosm of London and its increasing gentrification.

Through documenting interviews and walks around the area of Woolwich, we have developed a series of images and a short film which was to be publicly premiered on the local town square screen on the 19th of June 2016. Unfortunately, just days before the showing, Greenwich Council cancelled all scheduled screenings of the film. There has been no comment from the council as to the reasons for this decision. Political Selfies premiered at GLYPT's Progression Festival later that summer.


Made in collaboration with Joseph Mercier and Lennie from PanicLab

Produced by Hannah Moore and Clara Giraud

Made from conversations with Michael Boateng, Marsha Turner, Doris Dowsett-Muench

Supported by Arts Council England and GLYPT

Additional photography by Kei Franklin


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