With National Art Service

Alan Fielden and I ran a London based theatre collective called National Art Service. I began working with the company as an associate artist in 2011 for The Winning Crowd. In 2014, I was executive producer on the production SUN

SUN was an independently produced site specific performance at St Leonard's Church that ran for a month. The piece, which can be described in two halves, depicts first a mirage of responses to catastrophe, shaped in 'the end of the world'. The second half of the work explored the leftovers of our civilisation and the potentials of a future society, wild and anarchic. 

What might be remembered from now? 

How would that impact the way we viewed the things we currently hold most dear? 

Will people treat each other the same if we were all aware that our end was impending? 


Written and directed by: Alan Fielden

Actors: Lydia Orange, Jack McMachon,  Anna Martine, Duncan Wilkins, Jim Murray-Perton, Oyinka Yusuf,  Loukia Pierides, Daniel Somerville, Malachy Orozco

Lighting designer: Ziggy Jacobs

Sound designer: Pete Malkins 

Costume designer: Rachel Good

Lighting assistant: Willow Bleasdale

Sound assistant: Joshua Treapte

Stage manager: Lucy Cain

PR: Sharon McHendry at Mobius Industries

Company manager: Natalie Raaum

Supported by Brady Arts Centre, St Hilda's East Community Centre and Glance. 


Blog documenting SUN's creation process here

Trailer one made by Natalie Raaum: What's Love? 

Trailer two made by me: What will be, will be


"Collectively they struck me at various times as the children of Forced Entertainment, Punchdrunk, Shunt and maybe even Samuel Beckett."
- Donald Hutera

"For those that like their theatre linear and straightforward then this might prove difficult viewing. For anyone willing to try something bold, thought provoking and experimental then this comes highly recommended.
★★★★ on Plays To See 

"a uniquely experimental venture... SUN certainly keeps you thinking."
★★★★ on The Upcoming Magazine 

“unusual and exceptional… a profoundly moving drama.”
★★★★★ on The Audience Club

“A solid and thoughtful piece… [for those] who are willing to challenge and be challenged.”

★★★ on everything theatre 

"The willingness to explore is one of SUN’s strengths...
an occasionally glimpsed richness of thought beneath SUN.”

Exeunt Magazine 

"There is always something hopeful about being invited to consider your inevitable end and what you can change whilst still here. How would you choose to learn the same lesson? Through shame and guilt? Or through dream and hope? My personal Oscar went to “SUN”.
- Oxana Popkova, Audience member

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