Forest Fringe 'Fragments' Exhibition 

9 - 11 December 2016

Forest Fringe celebrates their 10th birthday with a weekend-long event at Somerset House Studios. 'Fragments' is an exhibition of audio recordings and photographs from my residencies with Forest Fringe in 2013 and 2016. For a full playlist of the recordings, visit:

Special thanks to contributors: Nic Green, Gemma Paintin, James Stenhouse, Roxanne Carney, Andy Field, Deborah Pearson, Ira Brand, Karl Taylor, Jo Bannon, James Read and David Sheppeard

The photographs and audio recordings exhibited at 'Fragments' 

01 An image from Cock and Bull by Nic Green with Laura Bradshaw and Rosana Cade, Forest Fringe Edinburgh 2016

Audio recording: The role of these hands and what they can do

02 The artistic directors of Forest Fringe: Andy Field, Ira Brand and Deborah Pearson, Forest Fringe Edinburgh 2013

Audio recording: One of the first days 

03 An image from A Cure for Ageing by Ira Brand, Forest Fringe Edinburgh 2013

Audio recording: Loss of somebody before 

04 An image from I Wish I Was Lonely by Chris Thorpe and Hannah Jane Walker, Forest Fringe Edinburgh 2013 

Audio recording: Double vision happening 

05 An image from Watch Me Fall by Action Hero, Forest Fringe Edinburgh 2016

Audio recording: Something about your face and my face 

06 An image from Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There by Brian Lobel 

Audio recording: A ridiculously hard dance 

07 Forest Fringe Latitude 2016

Audio recording: Beautiful to be a part of 

08 An image, constructed by the camera, of Exposure by Jo Bannon, Forest Fringe Edinburgh 2016

Audio recording: Breaking apart and reforming all the time 

09 An image from Art for Eating at Forest Fringe Latitude 2016 

Audio recording: Meander between the narrative checkpoints 

10 The audience of a performance of what happens to the hope at the end of the evening by Tim Crouch and Andy Smith, Forest Fringe Edinburgh 2013

Audio recording: A labour of love 

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