Concertina for the Gods

Nenagh Watson (Barking Dog) in collaboration with Jemima Yong & Isabel Lyster

Then I saw a man carrying a table; I realised this was an ‘emballage’: man covered up with the table. Something got changed here, anobject had a different function. That heavy object started manipulating the man.”      

-Tadeusz Kantor

Inspired by Dennis Silk’s short work The Marionette Theatre and Nenagh Watson’s research on Ephemeral Animation (the movement of urban debris by natural ele-ments), Concertina For The Gods explores the autonomy of an object in a framed, studio environment. Made and performed in collaboration with Nenagh Watson and Isabel Lyster Concertina for the Gods premiered as a work in progress at the 1 World Festival of Puppet Schools in St Petersburg, Russia. 

A revised version of the piece was then performed at Suspense London Puppetry Festival on 2 November 2011 at Central School of Speech and Drama.

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