The Living Room Theatre

The Living Room Theatre is a concept that's taken its inspiration from German performance artist Ernst Fischer's project of the same name. Between 1986 and 1997 - Fischer staged some 13 performances with friends and neighbours in his flat in Brixton, South London, which, for the occasion, was renamed Brixton heArt Room. Ernst transformed his private living space into a public 'home' for performance art, cabaret and experiments in live action.


  • Performance 1 (2011) took place in 26-07, an apartment on the 26th floor of a Canary Wharf high rise. 
  • Performance 2 (2012) took place exactly a year after in a converted artillery warehouse in Woolwich.

There are plans to expand The Living Room Theatre into a more frequent event and a sustainable network of performance in domestic spaces, where members of the public open up their homes to intimate exchanges with artists, strangers and friends. Maybe one day, the city will be filled with pockets of these marked homes.

October 2013

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